The office has a legal expertise in most sections of legislation focusing and specializing mainly in Commercial Law, Civil Law and Sports Law. Has a constant cooperation with other law offices, tax consultants, accountants, bailiffs, etc., both within the Greek territory and abroad.

The main purpose of the office is to provide professional credibility and integrity, within growing numbers of specialised areas of law, in combination at all times with the direct response to the clients’ needs and having as a final aim to provide the expected services with efficiency and speed.

The office always having as a a compass professionalism, trust and reliability, provides legal services indenting in the service of the clients’ needs and requests, with the extrajudicial or judicial settlement of their disputes.

By understanding the clients’ business and by anticipating their needs, the office provides services at the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Areas of Practice

  • Civil Law

    Property and Real Estate
    – Securities checking / Deals
    – Tenancies/Leases –Contracts
    – Commercial Leases

    Family Law
    – Divorce
    – Parental Custody
    – Care/Alimony

    Labor-Employment Law
    – Employment Contracts
    – Labor Disputes

    Unjust enrichment
    – Debt recovery
    – Enforcement of Action / Interim Measures
    – Warrant of payments

  • Commercial Law

    – Company Law
    – International trade
    – Banking Law
    – Lien of notation and Mortgages
    – Unfair competition
    – Intellectual Property
    – Licensing
    – Franchising

  • Sports Law

    – Professional Sports Committee
    – Committees of HFF, SUPERLEAGUE, UNION B’-C’, FIFA, CAS, UEFA
    – Supreme Council of Sport Dispute Settlement (SCSDS) Committees
    – Representation of athletes
    – Representation of professional and amateur clubs

Contact Details

  • Penny Konitsioti, Ypsilantou 20-22, Kolonaki, 106 76, Athens, Greece
  • +30 210 72 46 442, +30 6936 15 12 76
  • +30 211 77 00 970